How can I be sure that my information is kept confidential?

For you security, the California Secretary of State requires that all Notaries be Bonded and Background Screened by the Department of Justice and the FBI.

May a Notary refuse service?

A Notary may refuse service if there is a concern about the true identity, willingness or mental impairment of the signer.

May a Notary give legal advice?

No, unless a Notary is also an attorney, he/she may not give legal advice.

What type of identification do I need?

Acceptable forms of ID are:

  • Drivers Licenses or ID card issued by any State or Local Government Agency that have photo, physical description, signature, and unique number.
  • US Passports
  • Foreign Passports with entry stamp
  • Canadian or Mexican Drivers Licenses
  • Military IDs with physical description.

 All IDs must be current or be issued within the last 5 years

May a Notary notarize incomplete documents?

All documents must be completely filled out before they can be notarized. To prevent anything to be added later, there may not be any blank spaces. 

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